Latest HUSKY plastic tool boxes now come with a 26 inch version and the old standby 22 inch.  26 will handle Tiger and King Tiger and my Hooben T-55. At $20 and $13 you cannot beat the price!



Getting it there... is a battle.

We are asked to share our tips on tank transport quite often.  Sometimes the simpler, the better but the name of the game is to avoid damage to fragile details and expensive moving parts.  Here are the local favorites......

The oldest carrier I have was made by a SoCal tanker and given to me as a birthday gift way back in 2006. The carrier fits PZ III, PZ IV, T34 and Sherman types no problem. Hooks on the rear support a transmitter and it can be painted to match. I use this for local transport and for tanks nearing completion.

This style box is good for low intensity transit and can carry an extra battery tucked underneath. Doesn't stack well so I mainly use it for "project tanks".

This sliding-top style box made is made by Husky and is good for only one of my vehicles, my custom Su-122.  Top of box has space for battle system apples, extra batteries, glue, spare parts, and tools. Fairly robust and good for long transit, it can't store an individual radio but if you are using a multi model radio you might like it.  Seem to be out of stock but similar boxes are available.

My go to method has been the 22 inch Husky plastic tool box from Home Depot. Runs as low as $9.00.  Fits Sherman sized tanks easily and can handle up to KV-1 and Pershing. I like to paint mine to match. Storage boxes built into lid are nice for details but they detach and can break easily.

I add foam to the interior and can usually get my Spektrum radios to fit. They can stack and take up a reasonable amount of space.

I have tended to personalize them with a paint scheme to match and DAK logos. So far these boxes have weatheresd almost every storm....

My new favorite box is the stackable interlocking system from Ridgid. Available at home depot, they offer a 22in latchable tool box, a 22in crate, a smaller tackle box style, and a smaller 22in tool box. They are square, hold a Sherman Sized tank and Radio and can stack and work together.  They also have a locking bar and you can carry a few items at a time. I have fit a Pershing and a Tiger but it got messy with radio and the gun tubes.

My smallest team member is a converted 21st century toys M901 with Emerson TOW launcher. I found a teeny tiny tool box that fits it so I can bring it as a gimmick

For big tanks the go to is the FAT MAX