In the 16 years of DAK, we have had 4 exclusive battlefields to call home.

  • 1st – A donated horse property we called “Grapentine Field” for the 1st 10 years in Phoenix.
  • 2nd – A loaned portion of property at 19th Ave and Greenway Ave in Phoenix, however we were limited on the depth and breadth of our constructions.
  • 3rd – Club member Craig Thompson provided a portion of his backyard to us at 51st Ave and Bell Rd in Phoenix with no limitations on our constructions. We called this battlefield “Thompson Peak”.
  • 4th and current – Club member Craig Thompson moved to Sun City and brought us along! He has provided us with a generously large section of his background, at over 2,000 sq ft, at 111th Ave and Olive Ave in Sun City with no limitations on our constructions.

Our club battlefield is located at: 9330 N 111th Dr, Sun City, AZ 85351-4663