The Denver area hosts the Colorado RC tank club, FRAG (Front Range Armor Group). FRAG is the oldest RC tank group in the world and is a 16th scale RC tank/AFV club that IR battles leveraging Tamiya IR, the global standard.

FRAG was started in 1999 in Colorado by a few men with a common passion for military history, model building and honoring our military Veterans. A goal was set to utilize 16th scale RC tanks to reenact military battles, demonstrate military tactics, and to share Military Interpretive History with the general public. In year 2000 FRAG secured a parcel of land and for the next 20 years constructed a world class replication of a WWII Normandy battlefield in 16th scale.

However in May 2020 FRAG’s landlord needed the parcel of land back This resulted in FRAG’s announcement that they will rebuild as an indoor RC tank pavilion. Their goal is to serve year round the public, offer multiple battlefields, 16th scale museum exhibits, an area serving our Veterans, and a research library. To accomplish this plan and goal, donations are needed to raise the funding needed to move forward. Donations can be made to FRAG, a certified IRS 501c3 non-profit entity, using the donation link on the FRAG website.

Please see their FB page and website for more information, donating, and for event dates, or contact the club by email at: fragrcclub[at]aol[dot]com